Test to find out your company’s cicularity level

The best way to understand the circular economy is to contrast it with the linear economy, the system that has dominated trade relations and consumption since the birth of capitalism. In the linear economy, companies produce goods and services that are purchased by consumers to be used and then disposed of. Circular business and consumption models are radically opposed, incorporating the variable of sustainability, the finite nature of resources and the need to reduce the pressure we put on the planet to maintain our lifestyle.

Circularirty Test

Circularity test or non circularity test

Circularity is based on the so-called “7 R’s”: Redesign, Reduce, Reuse, Repair, Renew, Recover and Recycle. A model that aims to extend the useful life of products as much as possible and keep raw materials in the value chain for as long as possible, either by seeking new uses or by generating by-products that can satisfy new needs, find their place in the market and generate new income for companies.

Two of the seven "r's" of circularity: recycling and refuse

More sustainable and higher revenues with our Circularity Test

New revenues, market, by-products… Far from what many may think, circular, the twin sister of sustainability, is not an old aspiration of the think tanks of environmental movements. It is a new vision of capitalism which, like everything else in the hegemonic economic system, seeks to satisfy people’s needs and generate profits for companies.

Obviously, not all companies are in the same position to completely change their business model and embrace the thesis of circular system. Many need guidance and that is where Inova comes in. We are an expert consultancy advising companies on how to create new, more sustainable business models that reduce the environmental impact of their activity but without losing sight of what defines every company: profit and growth.

To help business managers and entrepreneurs who are more lost in the maelstrom of information coming from all sides about circular economy, Inova offers you a free self-assessment tool to find out whether or not you are in a position to leave linearity behind and open the door to the Circular Economy.

Circularity Test.

A tool for all company profiles

This is a self-assessment tool developed by Inova to help companies to know their strengths and weaknesses from a circular economy point of view.

The starting assumptions of this survey are threefold:

  1. It starts from a preconceived model of what a circular business model is, based on 10 axes that characterise the ideal profile and serve as evaluation criteria: raw materials, water consumption, renewable energies, life cycle and eco-design, waste and by-products, improvement and innovation, sustainable consumption, transparency and information, collaboration and training, dissemination and awareness.
  2. The assessments given to each of these criteria depend on the opinion of the assessor and are therefore subjective: they represent exclusively an individual perspective (or a collective one, in the case of aggregating the answers of several people) and not the objective performance of a company that wants to explore the world of circular economy.
  3. The resulting diagnosis should not be understood as a definitive judgement of the project, but as an invitation to improve it in the relevant aspects.

How to use the tool

To use the tool, click on the “SELF-ASSESSMENT” button at the end of this entry. Once in the “SELF-ASSESSMENT” sheet, read carefully the 10 evaluation criteria. Give your assessment of each of them by clicking on the corresponding button on the evaluation scale, from “0” (strongly disagree) to “3” (strongly agree). As you do so, on the right-hand side you will see a visual expression of the self-assessment in the form of an area graph; when you have finished, you can download it as an image (PNG) by clicking on the icon in the shape of a camera.

Use this tool freely; with it, we want to share with you some of our experience in circular model. Of course, we would be grateful if you would like to quote us and/or link to us.

Of course, the tool is debatable and can be improved. If you think it is convenient, please contact us at inova@inovalabs.es


The data you enter in the tool will be deleted when you exit the tool. The only information we store about you is your browsing information, as with the rest of our website; please see our privacy policy (https://inovalabs.es/politica-privacidad/) if you feel this is necessary.

Circular Economy Test