Learning from experimentation with clients and users is the basis of innovative entrepreneurs, who need to show to stakeholders that their hypothesis and bets are sustained by credible proof.


There are days that don’t fit. There are so many things to do that it is difficult to know where to start. This kind of days are frequent among entrepreneurs, who try to generate new business models, bring a cutting-edge technology to the market, or provide an innovative service.

Under these circumstances, we believe that the most pressing task is none other than learning. In fact, following the Lean Startup principles, we believe that, essentially, to be an entrepreneur means to be a learner.

When launching a new company or project, particularly of the innovative kind, it is critical to gather something that could be called proven knowledge; in other words, empirical proof that a technology works, that a value proposal is the one that the market needs, that a business model is the most effective one, or that a product or service’s features precisely follow the client’s specifications and preferences.

One must get up, get out, and test, and then use that testing as a basis for improving the product or service and the business model. Of course, other things are also needed: resources, methodology, knowledge, creativity, vision for strategy and business, communication and marketing skills, contacts, funds, investors, success cases, referral customers, sales… Maybe, even a room with an espresso machine, a foosball table, and motivational posters.

Nevertheless, the key is to learn –that is what makes the project evolve significantly and in the right direction.

This is our angle. This is how we frame our work with entrepreneurs, entrepreneurship programmes, accelerators, institutions, and specialised investors.

By the way, you may want to know that our services include everything you will ever need except espresso machines, foosball tables, and motivational posters.

How do we do it?



Design, setup, and management of incubators and accelerators for start-ups and entrepreneurship projects.



Strategic design, setup, and management of intraentrepreneurship programmes for corporations and SMBs.



Support for start-ups to do their business plans and decks for investors.



Training programmes on Lean Startup and other innovative entrepreneurship methodologies regarding all entrepreneur phases since idea generation to fundraising and commercialisation.


If to be an entrepreneur is to be a learner, one should always be an entrepreneur, even at the most regular area of the most established department in the most consolidated company; even more so if it is a start-up!

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