Strategic Design


strategic design

Through holistic methodologies and tools, which cover the 360 degrees of the organisation for 365 days a year, we formulate strategies to identify opportunities and turn them into value for businesses, industry associations, and public administrations.


Strategic planning not being fashionable may well be the result of strategic planning… We are kidding. But maybe not.

Strategic planning (in other words, stopping to take a look at the situation, understand it and doing something about it) is today as relevant and profitable as ever. Organisations that have a better understanding of themselves and their environment, and that react accordingly, are better prepared for anticipating challenges and overcoming them with ease.

Maybe, what indeed has changed is the way of strategizing. There are new methodologies and tools that allow organisations perform tasks that, up until recently, were available only to a few:

  • Obtaining structured, updated, accurate and easily digestible information about each of the critical variables that determine the organisation’s performance.
  • Including in the strategy process no only the internal executive team, but also al the internal and external actors with a role to play in terms of achieving goals and expectations.
  • Allowing strategy planning to work not as a one-off, obsolescing activity, not as a document that gets old as soon as it sees the light, but as a continuously running system, a regular process bringing daily value to all stakeholders.

That is how we strategize at Inova. Both for us and for third parties. 360 degrees, 365 days.

How do we do it?


Analysis and identification of key trends regarding markets, industries, geographical areas, and technological fields.


Design, set-up and monitoring of strategic plans for achieving competitive improvement, growth and long-term feasibility and sustainability.


Identification and coordination of stakeholders relevant in the organisation’s ecosystem to let them take part in the strategic process.

In terms of innovation, growth, digitisation, fundraising, economic promotion, business and industrial development, technological modernisation, energy, sustainability, funding, circularity, knowledge transfer, marketing and communication, business… We do strategy.

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