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Public-Private collaboration to face the challenges of the future

Inova has been developing R & D projects for years with the help of different public programs such as those proposed by the European Regional Development Fund -FEDER-, the European Social Fund, the spanish Next Generation Plan, the European Comission or the galician Goverment. Projects with which to face the challenges of an innovative, digital and green future.


Our company was one of the beneficiaries of the Conecta Hubs call for collaborative projects in the strategic areas of the Digital Innovation Hubs, whose award was published on 18 October. Within this call, Inova leads the consortium made up of Meifus Industrial, Xoia Software, TI Automotive and Inova Labs to carry out the Smart Lean Platform 4.0 People (SLP4P) project.

Within the aforementioned call, the project is subsidized by the Galician Innovation Agency and charged to FEDER funds, as well as supported by the Second Vice Presidency and the Ministry of Economy, Business and Innovation.

The SLP4P project aims to achieve the development of a new intelligent platform capable of monitoring industrial processes, predicting their evolution and providing specific information and recommendations for the operators of these processes, using innovative technologies such as data capture tools, machine learning and Augmented Reality.

Gain Feder

In this way, the project works result in a comprehensive control system and intelligent support that can have a significant impact on the efficiency, sustainability and quality of our industry, in line with thematic objective 3 of the FEDER Galicia Plan 2014-2020, of to get a more competitive business.

From the beginning of the project and until December 2021, INOVA has focused its activities on outlining the functionalities of the platform, the technical specification of data analytics and Artificial Intelligence tools and the definition and final selection of data sets to be used. by Artificial Intelligence engines. The design and development of advanced Artificial Intelligence systems (recommendation engines) has also begun. 


Inova joined a consortium with Gabadi, Neo-CH4 Galicia and Vicus dt to develop a prototype membrane tank for Liquefied Natural Gas storage and a compact and safe fuel management system for the benefit of shipping and energy companies.

Our work was carried out in three areas:


1. Evaluate the safe operation of the system through prototype validation tests.

2. Establish security-related restrictions on the deployment of the technology at larger scales (operations and bunkering).

3. Determine the economic viability of the proposed system through a cost study and a comparison of the technology with other options on the market.

The project made it possible to define the safety criteria to be used; to develop a safe operation of the system by defining the main risks and to determine that the installation of the pack was profitable, both for the shipping company and for the supplier, taking into account all the costs necessary for production and operation.


Inova participated in the project through the Connecting Europe Facility (CEF) for Transport of the European Union. This was an international collaborative initiative in which firms from Gijón and France (Nantes – Saint-Nazare; Le Havre and Rouen) also took part, promoting the use of liquefied natural gas as an environmentally friendly marine fuel.

Convocatoria CEF-EU

The objective was to deploy the use of this fuel in the Atlantic Corridor through the adaptation of a vessel in France and the development of solutions to supply LNG in Vigo and Gijón. Together with Ghenova and Suardiaz and the supervision of the Port of Vigo, Inova participated in two areas of activity:

1. The technical design of a floating device for the supply of LNG as fuel in the Port of Vigo.

2. The study on the potential for supplying LNG to a Ro-Ro vessel of the Suardiaz shipping company.


The OPS Master Plan for Spanish Ports project aims to develop a Master Plan for the supply of electrical energy to ships during their stay in Spanish ports.

The project is funded by the EU and is led by Puertos del Estado and brings together a consortium of 13 entities, three of which are port authorities.

OPS Master Plan Spanish Ports

The initiative is part of the National Action Framework that Spain has designed to meet EU commitments regarding the development of infrastructures for the supply of alternative fuels in the transport sector, in compliance with Directive 2014/94/EU.

The project covers the development and implementation of Onshore Power Supply (OPS) systems in three Spanish ports of general interest: Santa Cruz de Tenerife, Las Palmas de Gran Canaria and Palma de Mallorca and the adaptation of ships to enable their connection to the general electricity grid.

The project includes cross-cutting regulatory, technical and environmental studies in order to identify possible barriers and propose the necessary measures to implement the technologies required for the success of the plan.


With the support of the 2014-2020 Smart Growth Operational Programme of the European Regional Development Fund and the Centre for the Development of Industrial Technology of the Ministry of Industry, Inova has developed an Advanced Calculation Tool for Energy Efficiency.


The aim of the project is to design and develop an instrument that allows the identification of elements of improvement and efficiency in the energy management of commercial areas, industries, transport stations or ports.

1. Definition of the tool, scope and study of the potential market in the industrial and commercial sectors and in maritime-port environments.

2. Modelling of the target installations to help define the structures needed to serve the different types of consumer.

3. Identification of the data sources that the tool will need to carry out the simulations and definition of the characteristics for its implementation.

4. Comparative evaluation of the impact of the solutions and design and optimisation of an algorithm to determine the best combination in terms of energy savings.


The TechEye project proposes a machine vision solution to detect manufacturing defects in industry. The aim is to facilitate flexible and agile production through inexpensive machine vision-based quality control systems suitable for all kinds of tasks.



TechEye is an artificial intelligence-based solution with precise imaging machinery, a communication system, image processing software and a web interface for data visualisation.

The solution requires minimal investment, can be moved from one point of the production line to another and can be recycled for any manufacturing process control task. 

TechEye can also be operated autonomously or integrated into the plant’s systems. The project increases quality and reduces total costs in the new Industry 4.0 environment. 



senior talent

The Innovation Galician Agency, which depends on the Xunta de Galicia, launched the Senior Talent Programme in 2019. Inova took advantage of this aid for the recruitment of personnel to improve its highly qualified profiles linked to R&D activities.

Talento Senior