GRETA, a tool to take care of the environment

Western society currently faces a challenge without precedents due to an increasing dependency on energy imports, energy resources shortage, as well as the need to limit climate change and at the same time overcome the current financial crisis. GRETA is a tool that contributes to the solution of these problems.

Energy consumption in Spain

Energy consumption in Spain



GRETA: Science and engineering for environment

Lack of factual information about the economical impact on the company when it comes to evaluating the implementation of measurements of energetical efficiency for a sustainable development. Our proposal is the application of a methodology based on science and engineering instead of the opinion of an expert using her/his own experience.


Industries, commercial areas, transport stations and ports. GRETA is a generic tool that allows to analyse different types of installations and it can be applied to various kinds of clients.


GRETA carries out energy consumption estimates. It accomplishes this through the simulation of various posible scenarios, giving the optimal solution for the client based on the characteristics of the installation, activity periods, external sources of information and optional measurements.


In order to represent the energy curves and other parameters we use Matlab/Simulink simulation tool. Through it, we base our work on the three strategic core ideas for sustainable development: Energy, Economy and Ecology.

Crude Oil Prices

Crude Oil Prices


GRETA is a decision support tool. Based on generated data, as energy consumption or CO2 emissions, the client will be able to make optimal decisions regarding energy efficiency


GRETA main innovative elements that provide an important added value are:

  • Use of algorithms to optimize and obtain a better cost-benefit solution for the client.
  • Establishment of Machine Learning algorithms to improve the simulations.
  • Deployment of IoT technologies for the collection of data in the installations.