Energy Transition


energy transition

Energy transition and decarbonisation are the two pillars that sustain the battle against climate change. Inova wants to be part of this transformation helping its clients to deploy the energy systems from the future: decarbonised, decentralised, and digitised.


There are several approaches to face the difficult challenge of net zero emissions.

Even at Inova, we have tackled it from different angles.

We have collaborated with ports and maritime agents from al over the world to analyse alternative fuels for maritime transport. We have assessed and planned the installation of onshore power supply (OPS) systems for ships at port.

We have studied the possibilities of sustainable mobility and, more to the point, how to set-up and manage fleets of electric vehicles. 

We have collaborated with companies and public administrations to help them improve their energy efficiency and use renewable energy sources.

We have used the potential of digitisation to help industrial companies develop Energy 4.0 solutions.

And we are still on it. Our approach is to innovate, and our commitment is to combat climate change.

How do we do it?

energy transition plans

Design of whole decarbonisation strategies with action plans.

technical studies

Energy studies and feasibility and cost-efficiency assessments for data-based energy decision-making.

energy digitisation

Development and set-up of digitised energy solutions that allow the users to obtain economic, environmental, and strategic benefits.

Energy moves the world, but it is also key to preserve it: the transition towards energy efficiency and renewable sources is the way to go.

Our last projects

            • GPEC – Green Port Energy Centre