digital transformation

The digital transformation of business processes and the office space has picked up speed in recent times, bringing extraordinary opportunities for companies and institutions to get better and more agile.


We firmly believe in the advantages that digital transformation brings to businesses and organisations. Working in the same document from different places. Surveying critical business indicators at any time, from any kind of device. Automating tasks. Sharing information.

We believe that this technological revolution helps companies and organisations foster their productivity, improve their competitiveness, and have highly capable, fully developed human teams.

When digitising business and management operations in a company, our view can be summed up in four fundamental pillars:


Digital transformation needs a corporate culture that favours change and understands that new solutions are needed in order to achieve success. At Inova, we trust in ourselves and transmit our passion to our clients.


Digitisation must solve problems and meet needs. Nothing more, nothing less. Its deployment must follow the goals established in a well-defined plan, adding value and guaranteeing an optimal ROI.


We believe in a methodology that aims at a continuous and agile improvement and that puts the people -whether clients or workers- at the centre of the process, always encouraging an innovative spirit and scalability.


As far as we are concerned, technology must serve the organisation. Not the other way around. It must provide data to sharpen up the decision-making process and bring the competitive advantage that the businesses need to thrive.

How do we do it?

digitisation plans

Assessment of the improvement areas in the organisation, selection of measures, technologies and solutions to deploy, and monitoring of the results.



Parametrisation and set-up of CRM systems to manage the organisation’s commercial resources.

process digitisation

Initial analysis, identification of improvement opportunities, and process optimisation through the implementation of productivity tools.

custom solutions

Development of custom solutions to meet particular digitisation needs.

We believe in the digital paradigm and we conceive digital tools as what they should be: the key to achieve ever higher degrees of efficiency in the organisation and in the services provided to customers and users.

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