The challenge of climate change: climate change is no longer a prediction, but a fact. Energy should be utilised according to higher degrees of efficiency and sustainability.


ELSA – Efficient LNG Safety Analysis

  • Risk analysis for any LNG facility.
  • Simulation of the expansion of a gas cloud in case of accident (Computational Fluid Dynamics).
    Viability test regarding location and safety plans of LNG facilities.

GRETA – Green Energy Trilemma Advanced Analytics

  • Support tool for the decision-making in energy efficiency.
  • Through simulations, Greta determines which is the best actuation before implementing it. It provides the neccessary information to make investment decisions like impacts on consumption, emissions, and IRR.
  • Integrating technologies as IoT or Machine Learning, Greta can generate a digital twin of an energy system.

CLEOPS – Clean Onshore Power Supply

  • OPS implementation study.
  • Cleops allows to determine the technical and economic viability, as well as dimensioning the facilities needed to supply electricity to berthed vessels.
  • Analysis of the environmental impact caused by the implementation of OPS measures..