World Energy Trilemma

Faced with the unstoppable increase in consumption and emissions, the World Energy Council, in 2012, established the three pillars that make up an energy trilemma that addresses the complications faced by humanity to establish a balance between core dimensions – energy security, energy equity, and environmental sustainability.

In Inova Labs, we have adapted this trilemma, where the three key aspects that concern companies are: emissions, cost and independence of the grid.

Many times, companies know different actions that can be carried out (implementing photovoltaic energy, changing LED bulbs, recovering heat, etc.) but they do not know how what their impact would be and how they would fit into their specific situation.

Decision Support tool

GRETA is a support tool for decision making, conceived to help companies to understand their energy system and thus, they be able to adapt their future actions to their own business strategy. For this purpose, GRETA uses complex simulations that can accurately recreate the behavior of a whole energy system. If these simulations are performed while data is captured in real time, the creation of an energetic digital twin is possible. The results of the tool, for each potential action, are the following:

  • Reduction of electricity grid consumption.
  • Reduction of cost associated with consumption.
  • Reduction of carbon footprint
  • Investment parameters (TIR, VAN, Payback, ROI)

Main applications:

  • Industry.
  • Maritime-port environment.
  • Other big consumers (big stores, hotels, etc.).
  • Feasibility studies and sizing of renewables and storage.